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Is your business suffering from complacency?

Mar 23, 2019

Your organization may be so busy fixing immediate issues, that you often lose sight of the opportunity that you have to improve beyond your current state. When we get busy, we tend to address what is in front of us, so we can “check it off” but we miss opportunities to really get to the root cause to prevent the issue from arising again.

If your business is generally meeting goals and is financially viable, then you may think “it is good enough”. However, letting issues drive your day, or not stepping back to look at how you can continuously improve can really limit your organization from experiencing exponential growth.

There is large scale change that is necessary when businesses merge, a new technology is being implemented, or the business is experiencing high growth or significant missed results. We hear of “re-engineering” or “transformation” initiatives, and those can be challenging for organizations to achieve without additional support. Smaller opportunities for improvement are often avoided or overlooked until the business experiences enough pain to address them.

That is how we are conditioned in our busy lives if it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it – but this is limiting and results in complacency. So ask yourself, if you want the best results, the best people, to maximize returns from investments in technology, to retain patients, and clients to reduce the costs of finding new ones?

Change takes effort, but with the right leadership, the right plan, and the right resources, embarking on change can be invigorating and rewarding.

Ask yourself, are you operating in what is a “good enough” state, or would you like to optimize your business and propel it to the next level?

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