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Our Services

Enhancing Processes, Achieving Results

Fremer Group offers solutions for healthcare organizations and physician practices. We work with small, mid-sized or large healthcare organizations, including but not limited to:


  • Revenue Cycle services and technology organizations
  • Independent practice providers or group practice organizations
  • Billing and collection companies who provide services and/ or technology solutions to healthcare clients
  • Any healthcare entity providing services or products to healthcare clients or patients

Organizational Solutions

Inefficiencies. High costs. Collection challenges and climbing accounts receivables. Inability to drive change due to lack of change management skills or time constraints. Less than desirable financial, operational, or customer retention results. High staff turnover. Inexperienced staff. Managers with technical skills but minimal practical management experience. Problems with billing processes or under-performing, underutilized technology software platforms or vendors. If these are situations that plague your organization, Fremer Group is here! We know how difficult it is to drive improvements while balancing the daily operation of your organization. Fremer Group is here to be an extension of your team – focused on implementing change and achieving results. We work closely, as partners with the leadership and staff teams to supplement their skills and assist in driving optimization initiatives to reach your organization’s goals.

With more than 25 years of experience, we have worked with organizations at various stages in their business, aggregate companies, startups, acquired organizations, and turnaround situations, both domestic and international. We have provided services remotely and on site depending on the need and scope of initiative. Our broad range of hands-on experience gives us the unique ability to do an assessment at both a high, broad level yet understand the details that will work best for your organization. Key performance metrics are assessed, both financial and operational. Metrics define the starting point, determine what truly drives the business, and are critical in measuring success. Actions that drive results, that is our focus.

Fremer Group works to optimize all operational areas including customer service and patient relations, best practice and efficient processes, performance management, maximizing technology solutions, staff and management team building and growth. We are a partner, sharing our objectives (goal was just used 2x in same sentence, trying to re-word of achieving your business goals and improving profitability. We have a unique ability to look at a complex situation or high-level goal and break it down into what you are trying to change and implement and execute a plan to achieve it.

Physician Solutions

Do you suffer from any of the following?

Patient retention challenges

Lower than desired collection rates and repetitive denials

Backlog or slow collections

Higher than desired patient wait times due to schedule inefficiencies

Missed revenue opportunities due to patient turnover or scheduling gaps

Staff that lack motivation and teamwork

Ineffective staff management policies from hiring, performance management, accountability, and development of skills

If your practice is experiencing any of these symptoms, Fremer Group can set up a time to diagnose the root cause and provide a plan to remedy the situation. We have extensive experience in process improvement, revenue cycle, customer service, and best practice implementation. Our passion is discovering opportunity and working collaboratively to drive results.  Process, people and technology effectiveness are the principal drivers in your business and are co-dependent – consistency and cohesiveness across these are required for optimizing your business.  We can supplement your team or provide interim leadership or project management oversight to implement change, drive initiatives to optimize your business, and position you to achieve long-term success.

We cover all areas of practice management from how your patients are received and cared for, to workflow improvements, to building and maintaining a strong team. We provide practice management coaching to assist you in making your practice as patient friendly, efficient and profitable as possible.

With Fremer Group, you will find a proven track record in practice management, physician goal alignment, leadership development and relationship management. Learn more about how we can change your organization, request an assessment today.


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